• LPG

    After a positive evaluation of our hybrid VOLVO FM9 tractor on a mixture of diesel and LPG was decided to equip two additional vehicles with this technology.

    These are two VOLVO FM13-400 tractors with I-Shift gearbox.

    The consumption of our test car FM9 meanwhile fell from 30.1 liters to 21.3 liters of diesel/100 km combined with 11.2 liters LPG/100 km. AdBlue consumption dropped from 1.2 liters to 0.69 litres/100 km.

    This results in a saving of 0.059 euro/km and an annual saving of 5900 euros per tractor. Moreover, the emission of carbon and fine particles reduced 1/3!

    Posted on Tuesday 21 May 2013

  • TRUCKSAFETY label 2012

    Frans Hendrickx and Sons today received the label SAFE TRUCK 2012!

    This certificate was awarded by Flemish government and the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Engineering as proof that we have assigned to traffic safety in the year 2012.

    Posted on Friday 22 February 2013

  • New layout industrial park Hulshout

    The industrial park Hulshout was recently divided into zones.

    Our company is now easy to find: for the offices follow zone A6 (42), for the warehouses follow zone C1 (17).

    Posted on Tuesday 22 January 2013