ISO 9001:2015

Frans Hendrickx and Sons since 1999 has achieved the ISO 9001 quality label.

According to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, the quality policies are written down and known to all employees. The organization must ensure increasing customer satisfaction by meeting the demands and wishes of the clients and the legal requirements applicable to the product or service of the organization. In addition, the organization shall manage the business and can show this.

After an external audit has been completed, the organization can receive a certificate showing that it meets the requirements of the standard. This is a sign for the organization and its customers that the organization in a predefined and structured way of quality management (care, control and assurance).

ISO 9001:2015 focuses on customer satisfaction and the resulting quality and continuous improvement.

The most recent audit in 2018 revealed that Frans Hendrickx and Sons on all counts meets the strict standards and accreditation was extended again.

Quality and environmental policy

Partly because of the Corporate Social Responsibility of different customers and suppliers the attention to environmental and related environmental systems increased. This is often noticeable at the edge of the requests we receive from existing and new partners.

Because of our several participations in the Environmental Charter of the Province of Antwerp, our company was subject to various external environmental audits. These external audits and our new action points have helped us with our company on the right path to a high environmental level.

Since 2011 our warehouses are equipped with solar panels with a performance of 1.6 MegaWatt.

AEO - Customs

Frans Hendrickx and Sons holds an AEO certificate F for transportation and warehousing.

The AEO (Authorized Economic Operator - Authorised Operator) is a statute that each operator is assigned to an appropriate record of features, certain criteria concerning control and financial solvency and compliance with certain safety requirements.

A certified company is a company that an AEO certificate has been obtained and that therefore the entire EU to be trustworthy in the field of customs transactions. Therefore, an AEO in the EU-wide benefits.

Bioguarantee certificate

Frans Hendrickx and Sons holds a certificate Integra bioguarantee.

TÜV NORD INTEGRA checks whether there is a clear separation between organic and conventionalproducts and whether for organic products in bulk no risk of contact with or contamination by certain unauthorized products.



HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, is a risk assessment for food products.

Companies engaged in the manufacture, processing, treatment, packaging, transport and distribution of food should therefore process all aspects of the production to identify and analyze hazards. This verification, based on the European Union wants to ensure that the production of all foods associated with minimal risk of contamination.

Frans Hendrickx and Sons meets all HACCP standards.



Transport of waste

Frans Hendrickx and Sons has been registered by the Flemish Government as an approved transporter of waste.