In the Belgian road haulage many family businesses regularly grow, thanks to hard work and a flawless management.

Frans Hendrickx & Sons is a perfect example.

Frans Hendrickx in 1956 started modestly in Wiekevorst with performing earthworks, and this with only one dumper which he had bought of the army .

From 1960 he started with international transport and through an acquisition he dragged in a short time transport licenses for full loads to Germany, France and Italy.

Soon the first semitrailers were bought to compensate the declining tipper transport.

Early 70s land was purchased in Westerlo, and in 1975 the first warehouse opened, where in periods of low demand food cans for the account of customers were saved, pending the delivery.

Frans Hendrickx was one of the first to see the importance of the development of logistics performance.

To improve the accommodation of the growing company a site with buildings was bought in the industrial park of Hulshout, close to the warehouses.

In that place the entire company is currently controlled from the new office. Furthermore, here the vehicles serviced and repaired.

Early 90s a new acquisition invested in refrigerated transport and plant transports.

The strategy consists of the most efficient and cost-effective combination of transportation and logistics solutions. The trust between customers and Frans Hendrickx & Sons, which is the result of years of collaboration and perfect service is the key to sustainable success.

The brand image, with the impeccable appearance of both vehicles and drivers is central, is extremely important.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the family spirit is the glue for the company and the guarantee that Frans Hendrickx & Sons always ready for its customers.

The motto of Frans Hendrickx is: "Do what you like to do, you'll never get tired!"



Frans Hendrickx and Sons transports full loads mainly to customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France.

We specialize in large-volume transport and a large number of vehicles equipped for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR packages). We are advised by our security advisor ADR.

Our warehouses provide the storage and transfer of your goods, combined with transportation to and from your customer.

We also arrange customs and excise formalities for your goods.

We rent business blocks (warehouses and/or offices) which can be adjusted to your business.

We work according to the size and requirements of the customer!